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Brookings [to 4 Dec 2021]
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Africa in Focus
What do Pfizer’s 1996 drug trials in Nigeria teach us about vaccine hesitancy?
Belinda Archibong and Francis Annan
Friday, December 3, 2021

We are not guinea pigs: The effects of negative news on vaccine compliance
Belinda Archibong and Francis Annan
Friday, December 3, 2021
Center for Global Development [to 4 Dec 2021]
Accessed 4 Dec 2021
Africa Should Bargain Hard for COVID Vaccine Equity: Lessons from Indonesia during Avian Flu
December 2, 2021
M any countries around the world have punished most of the African continent for the scientific discovery of the Omicron variant through the imposition of travel bans. These travel bans are more injury upon the injury of low vaccination in Africa. Even well-intentioned rallying phrases such as “vaccine apartheid” or “vaccine equity” still lack the moral weight, indignation, and urgency that we should all feel, no matter which country we live. Words fail us.
Victoria Fan and Steve Kuo

Development Agencies and the “New Normal”
December 1, 2021
In this blog, we map key trends and changes in the development landscape and highlight the implications of these changes for the future of ODA. These findings were presented at the Development Leaders Conference 2021, held earlier this month. All development agencies will need to ask themselves how to better address challenges that extend beyond national boundaries and how to respond to the increasing incidence of poverty and inequality at the national level. Both approaches are linked and can co-exist. But they require a re-think of roles, practices and capacities
Rachael Calleja and Mikaela Gavas

MDB COVID-19 Crisis Response: Where Did the Money Go?
November 30, 2021
The pandemic and its economic impact have been a revealing test of the multilateral development bank (MDB) system and of individual MDBs. Although lending by the MDBs as a group rose significantly in 2020 (39 percent), this is much less than the rise in MDB lending in response to the Global Financial Crisis (77 percent), despite the much greater economic and social costs of the pandemic.

African Countries Will Continue to Face Tough Choices on COVID-19 Vaccines: We’ve Developed a Toolkit That Can Help
November 29, 2021
African countries will continue to face tough choices on COVID-19 vaccines—we’ve developed a Toolkit that can help.
Tom Drake, Justice Nonvignon and Y-Ling Chi
Chatham House [to 4 Dec 2021]
Accessed 4 Dec 2021
COVID-19: What is needed to address emergent pathogens?
Omicron highlights why a global regime is needed to support countries reporting variants, and that a shared sense of well-being has to come to the fore.
Expert comment
1 December 2021
Dr Osman Dar
Project Director, One Health Project, Global Health Programme

Accessed 4 Dec 2021
Podcast Episode
Seth Berkley on COVAX’s Past, Present and Future
December 1, 2021 | By Katherine E. Bliss
In this episode, an edited version of a live event on November 15, Katherine talks with Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, about the first year and a half of COVAX, the global collaboration focused on ensuring globally equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines. One year after the first vaccines were made available, their distribution remains highly unequal, with an overwhelming majority of doses so far delivered to populations in high-income countries. Even as vaccine production has expanded, inequities have worsened, especially among lower-income countries. What difficult lessons have been learned over COVAX’s first year and a half? How likely is it that populations in lower-income countries will have access to Covid-19 vaccines in 2022? And how can countries that have surplus vaccines best support COVAX and the distribution of vaccines globally?

Podcast Episode
Dr. Richard Lessells: Omicron Seen Up Close in South Africa
December 1, 2021 | By J. Stephen Morrison, H. Andrew Schwartz
Dr. Richard Lessells is among the exceptional South African experts on the front lines of discovering and investigating Omicron in South Africa. Alarm bells went off within the scientific community, as it became clear after just a few days that “an extraordinary number of mutations” are clustered in the key regions in the genome for immune protection and transmissibility. It was a “gut feeling. ”…


Kaiser Family Foundation
Accessed 4 Dec 2021
December 2, 2021 News Release
Nearly a Quarter of Vaccinated Adults Received a COVID-19 Booster Shot, Up Sharply from October; Most Other Vaccinated Adults Expect to Get a Booster, Though About 1 in 5 Say They Likely Won’t
Public is Less Optimistic and More Frustrated with State of Vaccinations Now Than in January
Nearly a quarter (23%) of fully vaccinated adults have already received a COVID-19 booster shot, more than double the share who had done so in October (10%), the latest KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor report reveals.…
ODI [Overseas Development Institute] [to 4 Dec 2021]
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