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UN OCHA – Current Emergencies
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Northern Ethiopia
Ethiopia – Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update Situation Report, 12 May 2022
Humanitarian partners continue to move additional aid supplies into Tigray via the Semera-Abala-Mekelle road bringing 250 trucks since 1 April.
Only 1.5 million people or 24 per cent of the total caseload assisted with food in Tigray since mid-October. 115 trucks of food required a day to reach all in need by end of May.
Amhara authorities continued with the relocation of displaced people, at a slower pace, relocating over 20,000 people from Kobo and over 4,000 people from Sekota since mid-March.
Over 10.4 million people out of the 11.6 million target caseload reached with food assistance in Amhara under the current food distribution which started on 22 December 2021.
About 90,000 people in Afar assisted with water trucking with the support of 23 trucks operating at displacement sites and Woredas with water shortage during the reporting period.

Ukraine: Situation Report – Last updated: 12 May 2022
Eastern Ukraine continues to face the fiercest fighting. Attacks were also reported in southern, south-eastern and central parts of Ukraine.
On 8 May, over 170 civilians were evacuated from Mariupol (Donetska oblast) and surrounding areas as part of the third evacuation operation coordinated by the UN and ICRC.
As of 3 May, the International Organization for Migration estimates that slightly over 8 million people have been displaced within Ukraine.
On 7 May, the World Food Programme reported that it has supported over 3.4 million people across Ukraine with food and cash assistance since 24 February.
As of 6 May, the UN Children’s Fund has supported 1.3 million people with access to safe water.