Improving research integrity: a framework for responsible science communication

BMC Research Notes
(Accessed 21 May 2022)


Improving research integrity: a framework for responsible science communication
Research integrity, an essential precept of scientific inquiry and discovery, comprises norms such as Rigor, Reproducibility, and Responsibility (the 3R’s). Over the past decades, numerous issues have arisen that challenge the reliability of scientific studies, including irreproducibility crises, lack of good scientific principles, and erroneous communications, which have impacted the public’s trust in science and its findings. Here, we highlight one important component of research integrity that is often overlooked in the discussion of proposals for improving research quality and promoting robust research; one that spans from the lab bench to the dissemination of scientific work: responsible science communication.
Authors: Ilinca I. Ciubotariu and Gundula Bosch
Citation: BMC Research Notes 2022 15:177
Content type: Commentary Published on: 15 May 2022